Stomatology is both a medical and surgical specialty. The stomatologist is specialized in everything related to the face and the oral cavity, he can perform surgical procedures for the cranio-maxillo-facial areas.

Pathologies treated and surgeries offered

Our department of maxillofacial and dental surgery treats in particular:

  • pre-implant surgery (grafts and maxillo-mandibular fillings, sinus-lift),
  • dental implants,
  • dental avulsions (single or multiple dental extractions),
  • cysts and tumors of the jaws,
  • lesions and pathologies of the oral mucosa,
  • pathologies of the salivary glands (tumors, lithiasis, infectious pathology),
  • gingival pathologies, periodontology,
  • joint disorders of the jaws (joint pain and cracking) by orthosis and rehabilitation,
  • sleep apnea by corrective orthosis,