dr. Kerkeni

Passionate about Oral Implantology, Mr. KERKENI Islem is able to offer you fixed and aesthetic solutions for the replacement of your missing teeth.

Member of several scientific associations (ITI , FOR , EACim , SMD , SAPO ,…), Mr. Kerkeni makes it a point of honor to participate in various training sessions in order to offer his patients the most appropriate, most recent and least invasive solutions for each situation.

He will be happy to welcome you in our center, to give you his specialist advice and to make you smile again.

What is implantology and dental implants?

Implantology, a branch of dentistry dedicated to dental implants

A natural tooth has two main components: the crown which is the visible part of the tooth and the root which is the part of the tooth lodged in the jaw bone under the gum.

Implantology is the branch of dentistry that deals with dental implants. A dental implant acts like an artificial root of a tooth, as it is inserted into the jaw bone, either the maxilla or the mandible. It very often has the shape of a screw and is made of titanium or a titanium alloy.