Cosmetic surgery

Dr. Samir Karam

Simplicity is beauty, embellishing while preserving the “natural look” is a rule that Dr Samir Karam lives by.

Graduated in General Surgery in 2014 from USEK – Lebanon, in microsurgery in 2013 from USJ – Lebanon, Dr. Samir Karam has followed several training courses and fellowships in plastic surgery in the best centers and hospitals in Lebanon, Rome and Belgium.

He has been practicing medicine and cosmetic surgery in Lebanon since 2014. Practicing since 2021 in Belgium where he is also a Member of the Belgian Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Karam has extensive experience with botulinum toxin injections (aesthetic and therapeutic), hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy, PRP, peeling and minor surgeries. He is trained in different laser treatments.

Dr. Karam welcomes you to our center every Tuesday between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. He speaks French, English, Arabic, Dutch and Italian.

. Aesthetic and therapeutic botulinum toxin (hyperhidrosis, bruxism)
. Hyaluronic acid
. Mesotherapy
. Aesthetic PRP and for hair treatment
. Peeling
. minor surgery